Easiest Way to Cook Yummy Stuffed peppers… recycle your leftovers

Stuffed peppers… recycle your leftovers.

Stuffed peppers... recycle your leftovers You can have Stuffed peppers… recycle your leftovers using 6 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Stuffed peppers… recycle your leftovers

  1. Prepare 1 c of leftover rice.
  2. Prepare 4-6 oz of protien, diced: beef, chkn, or pork are recommended.
  3. Prepare 2 of bell peppers, clean and cored.
  4. You need 5 oz of (+) grated or diced cheese.
  5. It’s of Seasonings, salt & pepper + etc.
  6. It’s 1 tbsp of butter.

Stuffed peppers… recycle your leftovers instructions

  1. Heat oven to 425°, include pyrex dish.
  2. Stuff peppers with protien filling the bottom 1/3. Stuff protien into cracks but do not flatten..
  3. Add rice to cover protien, about 2/3 full. Press rice into protien filling any gaps..
  4. Add seasonings, half the cheese, and butter (or sause such as au jus or gravy as available)..
  5. Fill remaining space in peppers with rice..
  6. Remove pyrex pan and cover with EVO or Pam. Add peppers ensuring they will not tip over..
  7. Cover pan with foil and bake @ 425° for 20 min on the bottom rack..
  8. Add cheese to top of peopers and broil on top rack until cheese has melted…about 5min.
  9. Let cool before serving. Add cheese or seasoning to taste..

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